English with Damon S2 E2

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Fantasy Premier League week 1 review. https://anchor.fm/EnglishwithDamon/embed/episodes/English-with-Damon-S2E2—game-week-1-review—talk-futsal-learn-English-ejqac7 Listen on Anchor! Transcript Hello and welcome to English with Damon, season 2 episode 2. This season we’re gonna talk about the Futsal Camp UK Fantasy Premier League, futsal news from around the World and all the while practising English! There will be a worksheet for each short episode and a list of … Read More

Futsal Camp 2022, a review

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Well, just over a week since Futsal Camp 2022 finished and all the children (and Vicente) got home safely, I wanted to write a brief review. I want to share some of the decisions and plans for the future, as much for myself to look back on and make sure we grow, but also if you are interested in getting … Read More

One week Futsal and English Camp Launched!

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We’re delighted to be able to offer this new product for summer 2022. You can now enjoy Futsal Camp UK for just one week this summer – the first time we’ve offered this option. From 24th July until 31st July we are welcoming players to England where they will be given all the experience of Futsal Camp UK – playing … Read More


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Toda la información sobre el campus de fútbol sala y ingles ¡Vuelve el mejor campus de fútbol sala e inglés! En julio de 2022 celebramos la sexta edición del único campus que une fútbol sala e inglés. Después de 2 años de interrupciones de Covid, podemos invitarte una vez más a Manchester para jugar fútbol sala y aprender inglés. Con … Read More

UEFA Futsal EURO Preliminary rounds QUIZ

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futsal euro logo

With the Futsal EURO resuming this week, we’ve put together a short (just 5 questions) about the opening stages of the Futsal EURO. How familiar are you with the so called “minnows” of European futsal? Once you’ve had a go, visit the official UEFA site for the tournament. Take our latest quiz and find out. Share your score with us … Read More

Futsal QUIZ – Who Am I?

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10 futsal players and 10 clues. Can you name them all in our new futsal quiz? Take our latest quiz and find out. Share your score with us on social media, using #futsalquiz and tagging us! Futsal Language quiz And of course, while you’re here, why not have a look at what we offer. An amazing experience for futsal players … Read More

Futsal language QUIZ

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the afc

Do you know your posts from your sticks? Your balls from your eggs? This short quiz will test your knowledge of futsal language and hopefully teach a thing or two! If you want to learn some more futsal language for English, french or many others – click the link below. It’s a document being used by futsal coaches all over … Read More

Update from Damon Shaw

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With all the uncertainty around covid-19, it’s been hard to make firm plans ahead of summer 2021, so we’ve been a bit quiet on the marketing of Futsal Camp UK 2021. If you’re an agent or applied to become one, or are a club interested in earning some commissions, we’ll be in touch shortly. The website has all the information … Read More

Futsal Champions League winners – QUIZ

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Right, we’ve launched this Futsal Champions League winners quiz early to give you something to do while you’re waiting for the final… we’ll edit the story tomorrow once we know the outcome! Well, congratulations FC Barcelona/El Pozo: UEFA Futsal Champions League Winners 2020! The tournament that started way back over a year ago is finally over and the favourites/underdogs on … Read More

Friday Futsal Quiz

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To celebrate the UEFA Futsal Champions League Final Four kicking off this weekend, we’ve launched our new feature – the Friday Futsal Quiz!! (We might change the day…) To get us going, we’ve selected team names from the UEFA Futsal Champions League history and some made up names that would be more suitable for fantasy or 5-a-side… Can you spot … Read More