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With the Futsal EURO resuming this week, we’ve put together a short (just 5 questions) about the opening stages of the Futsal EURO. How familiar are you with the so called “minnows” of European futsal? Once you’ve had a go, visit the official UEFA site for the tournament.

Take our latest quiz and find out. Share your score with us on social media, using #futsalquiz and tagging us!

Futsal EURO preliminary round quiz


Well done – you reached the main round.

Unlucky. Back to the drawing board – see you in 4 years for EURO 2026 quals!

#1. Which nation has NEVER progressed into the main round of a EURO qualifying tournament? (current playoffs don't count as main round),

Germany only entered in 2018 for the first time. And now for 2022, they are currently in the playoff for the main round at only their second attempt.

#2. Which of these preliminary round regulars has reached a final tournament?

France reached the main event where they drew 4-4 with Spain, in 2018 in Slovenia.

#3. Which team recently withdrew from the qualifiers "for safety reasons" but also pulled all funding for the national team?

#4. Which of these minnows recorded their first win in 2022 qualifying?

San Marino made history getting 4 points and reaching the playoffs for the main round!

#5. Which team from the following has the highest UEFA ranking?

All these teams entered the 2022 preliminary round, but Georgia has the highest rank.


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