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Do you know your posts from your sticks? Your balls from your eggs? This short quiz will test your knowledge of futsal language and hopefully teach a thing or two!

If you want to learn some more futsal language for English, french or many others – click the link below. It’s a document being used by futsal coaches all over the world as we aim to improve futsal language.


If you want to contribute, ask to join using the link above and see the instructions inside. The aim is to unify terms used in futsal, which especially in English is very underdeveloped.

Futsal Language quiz


Well done!!

Need to touch up on your English!!

#1. In English, which word is not used to describe the most defensive player

#2. How do you NOT. say this score? 2-2

#3. When a team that is losing 2-0, wins 2-3, what is it called?

#4. What's the name of the item a substitute has to wear on the bench?

#5. Which term is not used to describe the playing area?

#6. When a team plays without a specialist goalkeeper, what is the player wearing the goalkeeper jersey called?

#7. Two man plays, or 2vs2 plays are fundamental to futsal. Which is not a two man play?

#8. Which phrase is used to describe a move from a corner?

#9. Which is not a way to describe the post furthest from the ball?

#10. When a team defends high up the court, what's it called?

#11. Where is the penalty taken from?

#12. How do you say this score? 4-0


We’ll be launching a new quiz every week, usually on a Monday with different themes all around futsal. Share your results and tag us for a shout out on social media!

And of course, while you’re here, why not have a look at what we offer. An amazing experience for futsal players of all ages and abilities to spend two weeks in England, learning English while playing futsal. Obviously with covid-19 wreaking havoc at the moment, we may have to postpone, but please subscribe to our newsletter below to be kept up to date.


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