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With all the uncertainty around covid-19, it’s been hard to make firm plans ahead of summer 2021, so we’ve been a bit quiet on the marketing of Futsal Camp UK 2021. If you’re an agent or applied to become one, or are a club interested in earning some commissions, we’ll be in touch shortly. The website has all the information you need and the brochures are below.

The general brochure for parents is here
For clubs wanting to share with their players, download this
If you’re an agent download this

We all wish we could say for certain what will happen next summer, and being optimists, we’re preparing for the best summer camp yet in 2021 because we want to do all we can do make this amazing opportunity available for as many children as possible.

If not 2021, it’ll be 2022. Or if not in the UK, we’ll try Spain, Portugal, France or even Malaysia! Futsal Camp Malaysia anyone?!

We’ll keep the early bird price open as long as possible and certainly until the end of December for now, while we wait for developments. Please, if you are interested, speak to us, so we can know how many people we are catering for but we won’t be asking for deposits yet.

In the mean time, we’ll be trying to offer content across our blog, social media and podcasts to help with your English and of course to promote futsal, because that’s what we love! We’d love to collaborate with some bloggers who’d like to write about futsal in English. Not enough English media coverage of leagues in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil etc…

If we can help with anything, if you have any questions or queries, or even just ideas for us, get in touch!

Damon Shaw

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