Futsal Champions League winners – QUIZ

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Right, we’ve launched this Futsal Champions League winners quiz early to give you something to do while you’re waiting for the final… we’ll edit the story tomorrow once we know the outcome!

Well, congratulations FC Barcelona/El Pozo: UEFA Futsal Champions League Winners 2020! The tournament that started way back over a year ago is finally over and the favourites/underdogs on the night have taken their 3rd/1st European title.

Did you know, every losing finalist in UEFA Futsal Champions League history has won the title at least once in another year (except El Pozo Murcia, a fact they will want to quickly forget/now that El Pozo have won after having been on the losing side 12 years ago.)

So, in this quiz, you just have to name all the futsal champions league winners back to 2002 and we’ve given you some clues to help. Spelling is important, and some variations of team names are permitted, but try to use the current form. And no accents. Good luck and let us know how you get on by tweeting us or tagging us on IG: @futsalcampuk


If you missed last week’s click here! We’ll be launching a new quiz every week, usually on a Monday with different themes all around futsal. Share your results and tag us for a shout out on social media!

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UEFA Futsal Champions League Winners 2020 - FC Barcelona
Picture: @UEFAFutsal

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