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Castellón take first futsal crown | Futsal Champions League |
A pic from the UEFA archives – Playas de Castellon!

To celebrate the UEFA Futsal Champions League Final Four kicking off this weekend, we’ve launched our new feature – the Friday Futsal Quiz!! (We might change the day…)

To get us going, we’ve selected team names from the UEFA Futsal Champions League history and some made up names that would be more suitable for fantasy or 5-a-side… Can you spot the real ones among the fakes? Take the quiz and send us your results – shout outs for anyone who passes (80%).


Well done! You’ve qualified for the final four!

Unlucky – you only reached the Elite round…

#1. Starting with an easy one to get you warmed up: futsal or fantasy? FC Barcelona

#2. Lynx

#3. Unreal Madrid

#4. Allstars

Murexin Allstars – champions of Austria!

#5. Action 21

Of course – Belgian champions a lot back in the day!

#6. Futsamba Naas

Irish champions league representatives 2018-19

#7. Team USSR

Champions in England, also known as White Bear, Spartans and Baku United.

#8. Borat Almaty

Not quite… Kairat Almaty would be the Kazakhstan representatives!

#9. FC Expect Toulouse

Expect to lose if you got this wrong…

#10. Rapid Vienetta

Great play on words of Rapid Vienna…

#11. Interviu Movistar

We used their old full name to confuse you… But of course, 5 time winners, Inter Movistar…

#12. Merseyside Red

One from Pro Evo… and our Fantasy Premier League league!

#13. Transylvania

Another Irish representative in the Champions League, no vampires…

#14. AFM Futsal Maniacs

Swiss champions in 2016!

#15. Borussia Teeth

Not a futsal team.

#16. Falcao FC

Champions of Sweden in 2011… without Falcao.

#17. FC Ibra

“I asked Zlatan [Ibrahimović] if we could use the name and he was okay with it,” Eddy Lopez told

#18. Martial FC

Fantasy team, currently 95th in the Futsal FPL… with Martial up top, of course.

#19. White Eagles FC

Malta’s champions in 2009…

#20. Golden Futsal Team

Finnish futsal team…

#21. Scandals Futsal Club

Another fantastical name in the REAL champions league!

#22. London White Bear

Yep… a name more suited to 5-a-side than futsal, last in the Champions League 2007! What happened to them?

#23. Boomerang

Boomerang Interviu FS… the former name of Inter!! Know your history!

#24. Bugroff

Bugger off. Don’t say that to your English friends… Yep, Latvian futsal team in the 2004-05 Champions League…

#25. Peace Team Beer Sheva

Wow… if ever a fantasy name crept into real life, this is it! Israeli champions 2003!


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