5 reasons why you should play futsal

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1. Futsal is fun!! You get more touches on the ball, more chances to shoot or skill and you’ll learn much quicker than playing 11-a-side where touches are limited.

2. You could play for your country!! You could in football… but the path to the top in futsal in some countries is shorter due to the underdeveloped nature of the sport. Imagine representing your country in a World Cup…

3. Futsal is not weather dependant!! Especially in the UK where rain and snow disrupts the winter football programme… futsal is largely unaffected and your match will go ahead!

4. Travel with futsal!! There are loads of opportunities to travel with futsal. Not to mention our summer futsal camp, but there are loads of tournaments to take part in and have great experiences!

5. Meet your idols!! In futsal, the community is small and you can easily rub shoulders with the best players and coaches in the World. The top players want to help the game grow and they usually are more than willing to take a photo. They aren’t protected megastars like Messi or Ronaldo, but futsal fans like us!

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